The Keep Me Posted North America coalition

Keep Me Posted North America is a coalition of consumer groups, charities and businesses that represent North Americans who are disadvantaged by lack of choice, or simply want to retain paper-based communications. Read our Value Proposition here.

KMP coalition members include:

Coalition for paper options

Keep Me Posted works closely with The Coalition for Paper Options, an alliance of consumer organizations, labor unions, rural advocates, and paper and print communications industry organizations and employees who recognize the need to preserve access to important paper-based information and services for Americans who prefer them or depend on them.

We invite consumer groups, charities and businesses that value paper-based communications and consumer choice to join our coalition.

Please contact us for details about joining: [email protected]

Best Practice Supporters

Keep Me Posted introduces a new standard for North American consumers to look for when dealing with service providers.

If you value your right to choose how you are communicated with, make sure you look for the Keep Me Posted Supporter logo on the websites and correspondence of your services providers.

The logo is awarded to organizations that pledge to follow the KMP Best Practice principles:

  • No charges or other penalties for choosing paper
  • Prior consent required from the consumer before ceasing to send paper documents
  • No change of frequency for paper bills without prior agreement
  • No difficulty to revert back to paper correspondence
  • Continued access to online options

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us