Not everyone can access the internet.
Paper is still important.
Paper or digital communications? Companies are removing your right to choose.

Paper or Digital? It’s Your Choice.

In an increasingly digital world, Keep Me Posted recognizes that many of us still prefer to receive bills, medical records and other important, confidential communications in paper format.

Many consumers report difficulties in using new payment technologies and many require paper communications. This can include older adults, disabled people, low-income earners (who can’t afford costly broadband internet) and those with no home internet (often located in rural areas) or computers.

Even for those who prefer digital communications, storing or accessing sensitive documents online could lead to disaster in the event of data breaches and identity theft which are becoming more common every year.

Yet each day, more companies are forcing us to go paperless and even charging us inflated fees for online access to critical personal and financial documents.

One study also revealed that new utility customers paid significantly later when they received bill invoices by email. If this happens, you might be charged late fees and harassment from debt collectors – and even your credit rating could suffer.

In a recent survey, 90% of people said they’d like to have the right to choose how they receive communications (printed or electronic).

It’s time to make our voices heard.


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