70% of Emails Now Track Consumers: Yet Another Reason We Need Paper Options

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted The data privacy and cybersecurity risks of email correspondence are finally getting the attention they deserve. There’s a growing awareness that [...]


Annual Paper Statements Will Ensure You “Know Your Social Security!”

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted Nearly 180 million American workers currently pay into the Social Security system. But upwards of 150 million of them have not recently viewed an accounting of what [...]


New Consumer Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills Are Compromised When Healthcare Providers Stop Delivery of Paper Explanation of Benefits

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted The recent passage of the “No Surprises Act” is being hailed as a major victory for patients and consumers. Effective January 1, 2022, the new federal law will [...]

Federal Class Action Settlement is Groundbreaking Victory Against Paper Fees!

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted In what is being hailed as a first of its kind triumph for American consumers, a prominent service provider will refund millions of dollars and halt the practice of [...]

Ransomware Attacks Target Companies and Consumers Alike: Having Paper and Offline Backups Can Reduce Harms and Risks

by Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted North America Ransomware attacks are making headlines with worrisome frequency. In May, 45% of the fuel supply for the east coast of the United States was disrupted [...]

Consumers Complain, KMP Responds: Four Ways to Reclaim Your Right to Paper Communications

Consumer complaints to Keep Me Posted (KMP) increased throughout the pandemic as service providers altered or removed paper communication preferences at an alarming rate. For years, banks, [...]

New DOL Rule Disadvantages Many Americans by Making Electronic Delivery the Default for Retirement and Pension Plan Information

On July 27, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) put a new rule into effect that allows employee benefit plan administrators to use an electronic “notice-and-access” disclosure system as the [...]


A Plea to Businesses: Don’t Take Away our Paper Bills

by Joanne E. McNeish,  Associate Professor, Marketing, Ryerson University Once again a telecommunications company is telling its customers that they will no longer receive a paper bill. This [...]


Take Action: Get Involved with Keep Me Posted North America and the Coalition for Paper Options

Are you finding fewer paper statements in your mailbox? There are many reasons why consumers may prefer paper-based communications. According to the National Grange, a community organization with [...]