Annual Paper Statements Will Ensure You “Know Your Social Security!”

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted Nearly 180 million American workers currently pay into the Social Security system. But upwards of 150 million of them have not recently viewed an accounting of what [...]

New DOL Rule Disadvantages Many Americans by Making Electronic Delivery the Default for Retirement and Pension Plan Information

On July 27, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) put a new rule into effect that allows employee benefit plan administrators to use an electronic “notice-and-access” disclosure system as the [...]


Consumers Voice their Frustration with the Push to Digital by Corporate Service Providers

Keep Me Posted North America releases a new fact sheet on consumer testimonials regarding the lack of consumer choice to receive paper bills and statements at no extra charge. Chicago, IL – July [...]


Take Action: Get Involved with Keep Me Posted North America and the Coalition for Paper Options

Are you finding fewer paper statements in your mailbox? There are many reasons why consumers may prefer paper-based communications. According to the National Grange, a community organization with [...]