Recently, Phil Riebel provided a comprehensive online presentation explaining the key benefits, outcomes and goals of the Keep Me Posted Campaign. The presentation is posted on the Keep Me Posted (KMP) website and available for viewing here.

Some of the topics discussed in the presentation include:

  • Using Digital as a Default – Companies using implied consent to get consumers to switch to digital delivery of documents or charging extra for paper documents.
  • Anti-Greenwashing Campaign – How companies are making false environmental claims and some results from challenging companies on their “green” marketing claims.

Keep Me Posted is important and needed because the U.S. is lacking in Consumer Protection Laws. Other countries provide consumer laws that help make access to paper documents easier and free of charge. While KMP is not currently lobbying for such laws, they are working with corporations to encourage them to offer consumers the choice of paper vs. electronic documents without fees.

Recent surveys have found that consumer choice is wanted and needed. A 2019 Toluna and Two Sides consumer survey found that 74% of consumers believe their data is at risk of being hacked, stolen, lost or damaged and 73% of consumers keep hard copies of important documents at home because they feel it is the safest way to store information.

View the presentation here or learn more about the Keep Me Posted campaign and what you can do to support the organization.


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