How many times have you cringed at companies’ attempts to “save trees” by discouraging printing in favor of digital-only alternatives? Too many myths are circulating about the downfall of paper and print when, in fact, it has many unique sustainable features and is also one of the most integral parts of omni-channel marketing. Campaigns incorporating both digital marketing and direct mail are achieving high ROI levels.

Join Phil Riebel, President of Two Sides NA and Bob Neubauer, Editor-in-Chief of In-plant Impressions on October 10th for a webinar presenting new research that will demonstrate how the attitudes and preferences of consumers relating to print, paper, and sustainability are changing – and how the paper and printing industries are benefiting from these changes.

This webinar will help you better educate print buyers on the value of print in a digital age, as well as the facts related to forest management and recycling, to help change consumer perception on why they should invest their marketing dollars in print. The webinar will analyze the environmental facts about our industry and tell you how you can communicate them to customers.

Attendees will learn:

  • What new research shows about changing consumer attitudes toward print, paper, and sustainability.
  • How different age groups and vertical markets respond to print.
  • How to tactfully debunk the “print is dead” myth.
  • What is the ROI of print versus digital?

BONUS: All registrants will be sent a complimentary white paper, “Print: Separating Myth from Fact,” to download after the webinar.

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