Annual Paper Statements Will Ensure You “Know Your Social Security!”

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted Nearly 180 million American workers currently pay into the Social Security system. But upwards of 150 million of them have not recently viewed an accounting of what [...]

Paper Communications Bridge the Digital Divide. So Why Are Companies and Policymakers Removing Them?

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted If we care about closing the digital divide, we should also be concerned about the assault on paper options that millions need to cross over it. Over 11 years ago, [...]

Consumers Ask: Have Even More Important Financial Notices Been Pushed Online?

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted North America Consumers who followed our coverage of new U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) rules that allow employer-sponsored retirement plans to automatically switch [...]

Consumers Complain, KMP Responds: Four Ways to Reclaim Your Right to Paper Communications

Consumer complaints to Keep Me Posted (KMP) increased throughout the pandemic as service providers altered or removed paper communication preferences at an alarming rate. For years, banks, [...]


New US CFPB Rule Invites Digital Harassment in Debt Collection

New debt collection rule substitutes email, text and social media messages for paper notices by Jim Haigh – December 8th, 2020 The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) gave an early [...]


Do you care about your rights and fair access to paper bills and statements?

If so, join our growing coalition of advocates for consumer choice in essential communications! Increasingly, many corporate service providers (banks, telecoms, utilities, etc.) are restricting [...]


Lessons from pandemic life: we all need the option of paper notice

This blog by Jim Haigh of Keep Me Posted was featured by the National Consumers League, a Keep Me Posted coalition partner. It was only last year that a whopping 86 percent of U.S. consumers [...]


Consumers prefer a paper trail

The message is clear: Consumers overwhelmingly prefer to receive bills and statements on paper rather than electronically, according to a new survey of more than 2,600 people by the non-profit [...]


Paper or Digital? Keep Me Posted North America Launches to Protect the Consumer’s Right to Choose


Protecting your right to paper

Prefer paper bills and statements? Keep Me Posted is here to help you keep them. Paperless billing has become increasingly common, from monthly utility bills to credit card statements to medical [...]

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