Is a $6.50 “Paper Statement Fee” a rip-off?

YES! It costs less than 75 cents on average for companies to produce and mail a statement to a U.S. customer.  by Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted North America Consumers routinely share complaints [...]


The 2019 U.S. Mailing Industry Economic Job Study

The U.S. print, paper and mail value chain account for 7.3 million jobs – 4.6% of all employed Americans! The Envelope Manufacturer’s Association (EMA) 2019 U.S. Mailing Industry Economic Job [...]


Paper statement fees fizzle in New York under pressure of lawsuit and public scrutiny

by Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted North America A major win for consumers is the immediate result of a Federal Class Action recently filed. The defendant swiftly halted all paper billing and statement [...]


Are you a member of Two Sides and Keep Me Posted?

If not, please consider joining over 155 supporting member organizations in the print, paper, mail and paper-based packaging value chain in North America. In a recent member satisfaction survey, [...]


AT&T takes a leadership position in offering customers clear choice between paper and online billing

The Keep Me Posted campaign registers a significant step forward in ensuring consumer choice In an email to consumers in the fall of 2018, AT&T informed customers that they would be [...]


Support Swells for Paper Social Security Statements: New Bipartisan Legislation Would Bring Them Back!

Article by Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted North America Consumer groups, advocates for seniors, cybersecurity experts and financial planners are among the long and growing list of stakeholders [...]


Consumer Advocates & Paper Industry Ask Trump Administration to Reject Dept. of Labor Regulation Shifting All Workers to Paperless Retirement Disclosures

Coalition for Paper Options, Including Members National Grange & Consumer Action, Say Dept. of Labor’s Draft Rule is ‘Unjustified’ for Failing to Meet Long-Held Standards for New Regulation [...]


Learn more about the Keep Me Posted Campaign

Recently, Phil Riebel provided a comprehensive online presentation explaining the key benefits, outcomes and goals of the Keep Me Posted Campaign. The presentation is posted on the Keep Me Posted [...]


Download the Latest Infographics from Keep Me Posted

We encourage you to download and share our latest infographics developed using consumer testimonials received by Keep Me Posted and our partners regarding the issue of increased digitization by [...]


Why Mail Continues to be Relevant

In today’s digital world, there are multiple reasons why mail is still economically and legally relevant. A recent article by Mark Fallon from The Berkshire Company, “Why Mail Remains Important [...]

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