Consumers Are Not Fooled By The Push to “Go Paperless” They Know It’s Cost Shifting, Still Print Docs Themselves

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted Data from a recent survey conducted by Two Sides North America shows that nearly two in three American consumers aged 25 to 54 years old regularly print out hard [...]


The Latest Case Study on the Need for Paper Options: Expiration of Critical Security Software Cripples Communications

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted On October 1, a critical piece of code used on over 2 billion websites to safeguard security expired. Companies large and small were disrupted. And untold millions of [...]


70% of Emails Now Track Consumers: Yet Another Reason We Need Paper Options

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted The data privacy and cybersecurity risks of email correspondence are finally getting the attention they deserve. There’s a growing awareness that [...]


Send a Card and Deliver a Smile! Celebrate Thinking of You Week with “Message Monsters” Stamps

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted Who doesn’t feel a rush of joy when they open a handwritten card or letter received in the mail? Many of us rediscovered the simple, yet powerful pleasures of [...]


Annual Paper Statements Will Ensure You “Know Your Social Security!”

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted Nearly 180 million American workers currently pay into the Social Security system. But upwards of 150 million of them have not recently viewed an accounting of what [...]


New Consumer Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills Are Compromised When Healthcare Providers Stop Delivery of Paper Explanation of Benefits

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted The recent passage of the “No Surprises Act” is being hailed as a major victory for patients and consumers. Effective January 1, 2022, the new federal law will [...]

Paper Communications Bridge the Digital Divide. So Why Are Companies and Policymakers Removing Them?

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted If we care about closing the digital divide, we should also be concerned about the assault on paper options that millions need to cross over it. Over 11 years ago, [...]

Federal Class Action Settlement is Groundbreaking Victory Against Paper Fees!

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted In what is being hailed as a first of its kind triumph for American consumers, a prominent service provider will refund millions of dollars and halt the practice of [...]

Lessons from Census 2020: People Need Paper Options!

By Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted The first results of our nation’s latest population count were recently released, and with the slowest population growth in 90 years, will have far-reaching [...]

Ransomware Attacks Target Companies and Consumers Alike: Having Paper and Offline Backups Can Reduce Harms and Risks

by Jim Haigh, Keep Me Posted North America Ransomware attacks are making headlines with worrisome frequency. In May, 45% of the fuel supply for the east coast of the United States was disrupted [...]

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